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Looking to add a beneficiary or joint owner to your SECU account, reorder checks, or change your account information? Fill out the correct form below and send it back to us at secu@slb.com or through our Secure Message Center 

Account Related Forms

Change Account Information
Change Address, Beneficiaries, Add or Change Services (Checking, Net24 Registration PIN/Account Access, Debit card, Savings (55Plus, Secondary), Overdraft Protection, etc.).

Change in Member Contact Information
Change address, change name.

Certificate of Deposit
CDs, IRAs (use if you already have established membership).



Use for 1st check order or when opening a new checking account, or reordering with changes to your account information.

Checks: Reordering
or call 877-585-8777, ext. 0 if you have a reorder ID# and your address or ownership has NOT changed, otherwise contact SECU.

Membership Closure Form
For closing your membership. We recommend that you keep your membership open, even if you leave the company or transfer overseas. SECU membership is available for life!



Stop Payment
For stopping payment on checks (Personal, Cashier, Teller/Bank) or ACH payments.

Unauthorized Debit
Statement of request to stop unauthorized debit (an electronic funds transfer from a consumer's account initiated by a person or party which was not authorized by the consumer in writing to initiate the transfer).

Unauthorized Check Use Form
Affidavit of Forgery.

Privacy Opt Out
Use this form to opt out of Internet, Telephone, or Internet Access to your account(s).

Sponsorship Application
Required only for SLB employee relatives desiring membership.

W-8BEN Form Form and W-8BEN Instructions
Tax Withholding Declaration for nonresident Alien. Note: In order for us to remain compliant with government regulations, please enter your foreign Tax ID number (National Identification Number/number given to you by the country in which you pay taxes/hold citizenship) in field 6.

Tax Withholding DeclaratAccount Related Forms

Card Related Forms

VISA Automatic Payment Form
Setup automatic Visa payments from your account.

VISA Credit Card Add/Remove
Users Use this form if you currently have a VISA credit card and would like to add a joint card holder or Authorized User

Money Transfer/Collection Forms

Collections - Cash Letter
Use for collection of foreign and domestic cash letter items.

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