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Signature & Debt Consolidation

Signature Loans

SECU offers shorter-term, unsecured financing with Signature Loans, also called a “Personal Loan.” A Signature Loan with SECU can help you fund a home project, purchase a major appliance or new furniture, help pay for school supplies or a new computer, or fund your next vacation. Qualifying members can even use a Signature Loan for a little extra cash during the holidays. A Signature Loan with SECU is a great option for SLB Employees/SECU Members who are relocating in the United States and need quick cash to help make ends meet.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Struggling with multiple loan or credit card payments? SECU offers Debt Consolidation Loans to consolidate unsecured debt from another financial institution into a Signature Loan. Rates are competitive and the loan application process is simple. Members must meet lending qualifications to receive a loan, and “new money” qualifies for an even lower rate! 

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US Members  Non-US Members w/o SSN

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