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About SECU & Eligibility

SLB Credit Union

About SLB Employees Credit Union & Membership Eligibility 

US Membership Application Non-US Membership Application w/o SSN

SLB Employees Credit Union is MEMBER OWNED, MEMBER LEDSM. 
We are a not-for-profit, full-service financial institution dedicated to assisting members with their financial needs. When you join SECU, you become an owner of the credit union and have access to our convenient services and great rates on savings and loans. Once a member, always a member! You keep your SECU membership even after you leave SLB. Our team strives to serve members based on our five guiding principals of honesty, teamwork, professionalism, a positive attitude, and sharing the vision. 

Your security is important to us. We are for 82 consecutive quarters through June 2024. Five-stars rating is the highest rating offered by BauerFinancial Inc. and indicates that SECU is one of the safest financial institutions in the US. 

About Us

SECU was chartered December 6, 1946 as “Schlumberger Employees Credit Union” and began operations in February 1947. We rebranded to SLB Employees Credit Union in 2023, but still provide the same superior service to our members. 

Am I eligible to join?

As a full time employee or active retiree of SLB and its subsidiary companies, you are eligible for membership. Once a member, you can sponsor your spouse, children, and step-children for membership! You get to keep your credit union account and benefits, even if you leave the company. Once a member, always a member.

Joining SLB Employees Credit Union is easy. Just complete the online US Membership Application or Non-US Membership Application w/o SSN and open a Savings Account with a minimum deposit of $5.00.


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