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Wire & Money Transfers

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SECU has you covered when sending or receiving funds electronically

SLB Employees Credit Union members can securely transmit and receive funds across the country or even across the globe using our Wire and Money Transfer service.

Outgoing Wire Transfers 

SECU accepts and processes wire transfer requests sent through our secure Net24 Online Banking service. You can also complete a wire transfer form when providing complete identity verification at our branch office.

No wire transfers are allowed to fully embargoed countries. Wire transfers to countries under comprehensive OFAC sanctions will only be sent to an account in the name of the member transferring the funds. The receiver and beneficiary must be the same individual and a detailed reason for the transfer must be provided. Additional information is available from the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Required information for outgoing wire transfers

  • The beneficiary’s Bank ABA/SWIFT number.
  • Country specific Bank Delivery Codes: IBAN (Europe, UAE, and a growing contingent of countries), BSB (Australia), CLABE (Mexico), Bank and Transit Code (Canada).
  • The beneficiary’s name on the account.
  • The account number.
  • A detailed purpose for the payment.

SECU will wire your money in the currency requested. If you select USD and do not have a USD account at the beneficiary institution, your funds may be automatically converted either by the beneficiary institution or by one of their correspondent bank relationships.

Please note that SECU can provide exchange rate information on the sending end prior to the actual wire submission which may be more advantageous, but only upon your request. Without otherwise specific instruction, SECU will act on the information you have supplied via your Net24 wire request. 

See our Fee Schedule for wire transfer fees.

Incoming wire transfers

Foreign Wires

When originating a wire from another financial institution outside of the United States, you should provide the sending institution with SECU’s BIC/SWIFT: SCECUS41 and follow the account formatting requirements. Please note that all incoming wires must be sent in U.S. Dollars.

Cash Letters

Cash Letters are foreign checks in foreign funds drawn on a bank in the same foreign country. SECU’s FX broker charges only a nominal fee to convert cash letter items. You will receive immediate funding once the item clears through the foreign bank.

Please provide the originating financial institution with exact routing instructions. Without a specific account suffix, the funds will be placed into your checking account. Members need to confirm SECU can process with the foreign bank before initiating the transaction.

International Collections

International Collections are foreign currency checks that are drawn on a bank that is not in the same country as the currency of issue. The time to collect varies between countries but typically takes six to eight weeks. Collection items under $200 will not be processed.

For collections in U.S. currency, a foreign collections fee will be assessed by both SECU and our FX provider. Members need to confirm SECU can process with the foreign bank before initiating the transaction. The originating institution may also assess a fee, which is outside the control of SECU. Drafts of other than USD denomination, received for account deposit will be assessed a foreign check collections fee (fee schedule). The exchange rate will be based on our supplier's FX conversion rate at the time of conversion.

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