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Trusted Contact

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Protect Your Money & SECU Accounts with a Trusted Contact.

All US credit unions have an obligation to monitor member accounts for unusual activity and play a pivotal role in not only safeguarding their member's assets, but also educating them about the various forms of fraud. SLB Employees Credit Union is implementing a voluntary Trusted Contact Initiative for all accounts that are currently set up with only one account owner. A Trusted Contact is an individual that is 18 years of age or older, identified by the member, that can be contacted by SECU for the following reasons:

  • To address possible financial exploitation
  • To verify contact information
  • To verify any legal guardian, executor, trustee, or POA

Complete the Trusted Contact Form (2024). 

Email your completed form through our Secure Message Center or mail it to SECU, PO Box 1349, Sugar Land, TX 77487-1349.


It's important to choose someone you trust, like a family member, close friend, or attorney. Consider naming a Trusted Contact that does not have access to your finances. Our Member Services team can walk you through our Trusted Contact policy, including when we might alert your Trusted Contact and what information may be shared in different situations. Rest assured, we have our members' best interests in mind, and you can change or limit what a staff member can share at any time. Your Trusted Contact can be changed or removed at any time by contacting SECU.

Explore more at mycreditunion.gov.


Questions about the new policy? Email us at secu@slb.com or call (281) 285-4551.

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