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Expect the Unexpected with SECU

Life Can Be Unexpected

A totaled car, a growing family, a flooded laundry room, swimming in debt. Whatever life throws at you, SLB Employees Credit Union has you covered.

I Can’t Afford A New Car…

No one plans to total their car. Whether it’s your fault or not, don’t let a wrecked car total your finances. Turn “I can’t afford a new car” into “I got an Auto Loan with SECU.”

Auto Loans with SECU, GAP, and Auto Insurance through TruStage®

We offer qualifying members who reside in the US auto loans with flexible financing terms, up to 84-months and competitive interest rates. Our loan team can help you set your automatic loan payments up so you never miss a payment. SECU can you make your purchase affordable.

If your car is wrecked or stolen, you may owe more money on it than insurance will pay. That could result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket to cover the difference. That’s where Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) comes in. It could help limit or eliminate the difference you owe and keep you in the driver’s seat. SECU offers members GAP options at much lower costs than dealerships.

You work hard for your money and even harder to maintain a budget, especially when dealing with an unexpected car accident. So why spend more than necessary on car insurance? SECU offers members discounts on Auto Insurance through TruStage®. You could save hundreds of dollars through the TruStage® Auto Insurance Program. If you have insurance elsewhere, it’s easy to switch carriers – without losing money. Get a free quote today and see how much you can save. Simply call TruStage® at 1-855-483-2149.

Click here to learn more about our Auto Loans, or start your Auto Loan Application today. 



We’re Gonna Need a Bigger House...

Growing your family is an exciting time, but you may quickly realize you need more rooms, a bigger yard, and room to grow. SECU can help you navigate this exciting chapter with a Home Loan.

Home Loans with SECU

SECU’s Home Loans rates are nationally competitive, there’s no pre-payment penalty clause, and we offer flexible financing with fixed and adjustable-rate mortgage options. After you complete your online prequalification application, Our Mortgage Loan Officer will be in touch to guide you the rest of the way. Use our Home Loan Calculator to estimate your monthly payment, or attend a Home Buyer’s Workshop to learn the ins-and-outs about buying a house.

Click here to learn more about our Home Loans, or start your Home Loan Application today.


I Don’t Even Know Where to Start with Emergency Repairs…

Signature Loans with SECU can help with unexpected home repairs.

A flooded laundry room, a leak in the ceiling, a broken oven… no one plans on finding these things at home. If you need quick cash to purchase new appliances or pay for home renovations, SECU can help with a Signature Loan. These shorter-term Personal Loans can help you act fast.

Click here to learn more about our Signature Loans, or start your Signature Loan Application today US Members Non-US Members w/o SSN


I’m Swimming in Debt…

SECU can help consolidate debt.

Maybe you had plans to pay off your debt, but life threw a curveball at you. Now you’re swimming in debt with multiple loans and cards to pay off. SECU can help you consolidate your debt from other cards and financial institutions into a Debt Consolidation Loan. If you haven’t applied for a SECU Debt Consolidation Loan with SECU before, you qualify for an even lower loan rate!

Click here to learn more about our Debt Consolidation Loans, or start your Debt Consolidation Loan Application today US Members Non-US Members w/o SSN

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