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Fund Your Summer Fun

SECU has the Keys to Your Summer Fun

Low-rate Financing for ATVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Jet-Skis, Trucks, RVs, and more.

Did you know that SECU can help you finance or refinance more than just your car? Let us help you fund your summer FUN! Maybe you've had your eye on a new boat to take out to the lake or offshore. SECU offers low-rate financing options on Specialty and Auto Loans, from 5.49%-6.64%* (terms 24-84 months) for qualifying members. 

Go mudding in your newly financed ATV and don't worry about missing your monthly payments. You can set up your SLB paycheck to direct deposit into your SECU accounts and then set your loan payment on autopay. Your payment will deduct bi-weekly from your SECU account for your loan amount. Maybe cruising the open roads is more your style, explore the great outdoors of the United States in your RV with SECU financing, too!

More Than Just Loans

Keep the summer savings coming with SECU's services and products. Not only can you save on your auto loan, but you can save money on Guaranteed Asset Protection, save on insurance through TruStage®, and you can save money at the pump. Explore your fun summer savings below!

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If your car is wrecked or stolen, you may owe more money on it than insurance will pay. That could result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket to cover the difference. That's where Guaranteed Assest Protection (GAP) comes in. GAP isn't just limited to cars. If you're financing a motorcycle, RV, 4-wheeler, or more GAP can help pay the difference when you need it most. We even offer $200 savings off GAP for Auto Buyer's Workshop attendees.
Register for a workshop today to save.

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Refinance Savings

SECU can help you save money with an auto loan refinance, too. You can save up to 2% off your current auto loan on your motorcycle, ATV, RV, boat, and more (not to go below the current floor rate). We offer discounts of 2% off on a term up to a 48 months, 1.5% off for 49-60 months, and 1% off for 61-84 months (not to exceed the remaining loan term). If your credit score qualifies you for our posted rate and it's a greater savings, you'll get the better deal. Members must qualify. 

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Save at the Pump

SECU is partnered with ScoreCard® Rewards to offer SECU card holders discounts at the pump, up to $0.20 off per gallon. Save on fuel for your new boat, RV, or ATV. Simply use your SECU Visa Credit or Debit card at the pump and select "Yes" when asked if you'd like to use your rewards balance to cover the transaction. Click the button below for terms, conditions, and details. 

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