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Outgoing Wires

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union accepts and processes wire transfer requests sent through our secure Net24 Online Banking Service (Wires tab). We also process domestic and international wires for members who visit our office and complete a wire transfer form in person, providing complete identity verification.

No wire transfers will be allowed to fully embargoed countries or countries that are under comprehensive OFAC sanctions. Wire transfers to countries that are under selective OFAC sanctions will only be sent to an account in the name of the member transferring the funds. The receiver and the beneficiary must be the same individual and a detailed reason for the transfer must be provided. These lists can be found at the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Since all wires are processed through the Federal Reserve, multiple applications for the same wire may be processed multiple times. Since our current system does not allow recurring wires, you will need to save your wire information and re-enter each future wire. For compliance, we can no longer accept Net24 Secure Message requests to initiate wires.

We will need the beneficiary's Bank ABA/SWIFT number, country specific Bank Delivery Codes: IBAN (Europe, UAE, and a growing contingent of countries), BSB (Australia), CLABE (Mexico), Bank and Transit Code (Canada), the beneficiary's name on the account, and the account number. A detailed purpose of the payment is also required for all outgoing wires.

Fees Apply. For details, see Wire Fees.

SECU will wire your money in the currency requested. If you select USD and do not have a USD account at the beneficiary institution, your funds may be automatically converted either by the beneficiary institution, or by one of their corresponding bank relationships. Please understand that SECU can provide exchange rate information on the sending end prior to the actual wire submission which may be more advantageous, but only upon your request. Without specific instruction otherwise, SECU will act on the information you have supplied via your Net24 Wire application.

Incoming Wires

Foreign Wires When originating a wire from another financial institution outside of the United States, you should provide the sending institution with SECU's ABA Routing Number and follow the account formating requirements. Please note that all incoming wires must be sent in US Dollars.

Cash Letters are foreign checks in foreign funds drawn on a bank in the same foreign country.

SECU's FX broker charges only a nominal fee to convert cash letter items and you receive immediate funding once the item clears through the foreign bank.

Please provide the originating financial institution with exact Routing Instructions. Without specific account suffix advise, the funds will be placed into your checking account.

International Collections are foreign currency checks that are drawn on a bank that is not in the same country as the currency of issue. The time to collect varies between countries but typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. Collection items under $200 will not be processed.

For collections in US currency, a foreign collections fee will be assessed by both SECU and our FX provider. The originating institution may also assess a fee, which is not within the control of the SECU. Also, see Foreign Drafts.

Foreign Currency Home Delivery
My Travel Wallet offers foreign currency delivery to your home. Normal delivery is overnight. Please understand that My Travel Wallet provides retail exchange rates, whereas all wires use wholesale exchange rates.

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