VISA Card Security

Managing Your Accounts

You can make the biggest impact on card security by managing/monitoring your account activity regularly. It's important that you notify SECU within 60 days of any fraudulent transaction, where charge back rights are still available (able to reverse charges back to the merchant). Manager/monitor your account activity using the following tools:

  • Activate eAlerts in Net24 Service for email or text message balances to your cell.
  • Monitor your accounts online using our Net24 Service.
  • Sign up for Online Statements (eStatements) and receive email reminders to review account history monthly.
  • If you live in the U.S. or have access to U.S. Google or Apple online stores, download our CardValet® App to your smart phone to directly manage your card(s) use and receive real-time transaction alerts.

Fraud Alerts from EnFact™(Licensed by Fiserv EFT Systems)

To help protect you against credit/debit card fraud, we have enhanced our fraud prevention system to include Real-Time EnFact™, a sophisticated neural network system. When a transaction on your card appears to fall outside of your usual spending pattern, an alert is created. A fraud analyst or automated voice system may email or call you to verify whether you authorized this transaction. Part of the verification process requires that you provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. If you feel uncomfortable with this process, tell them you will call them back, but be sure to use the VISA Card Security Contact number listed.

If the analyst is not successful contacting you, a decision may be made on your behalf to block all future transactions until you can be reached for confirmation. It is important that you provide us with your most up-to-date phone numbers and keep us informed on any out-of-country travel plans. This is part of our continued effort to provide you with the best protection available when using your credit/debit card. We hope you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your card carries state-of-art security features.

The EnFact system uses a neural network to identify and score high risk spending patterns. If the risk score exceeds a value determined to be fraudulent use of the card, the transaction is automatically blocked. Since VISA has identified that seventy percent of all fraud occurs on a first-time basis, the Real-Time EnFact blocking system can stop fraud in its tracks.

Program our Card Security phone number into your Cell phone for Point-Of-Sale convenience, along with our Lost/Stolen number. The service representative may indicate that your card was blocked for other reasons (limit exceeded, insufficient funds, payment cycle missed, network unavailable, etc.), in which case you will need to contact an SECU representative. If you feel that insufficient funds are due to an extended merchant "authorization hold," you will need to contact your merchant (hotels, etc.) to have them release the hold. 

Travel Alerts

If you plan to travel out-of-country, you should alert SECU before departure so that your card account can be MEMO'ed. Travel MEMO's can only be set by SECU staff during normal working hours or requested via Net24 Mail.

Other Card Security Features

  • Visa Secure. Password protection for online shopping with VISA.
  • Card Activation. All card issues and re-issues require activation upon receipt. You may activate your card at any ATM, by entering your PIN number. If you are activating from the telephone number registered on our system, you will be required to enter your card number.
  • CVV code. This is the 3-digit code provided on the back of your card. Only the person in possession of your card will be able to determine this code.
  • ZIP code and/or Picture ID. This information may be required at Point-Of-Sale depending on the merchant requirements and transaction amount.
  • Daily Spend and Transaction Limits. All SECU Credit, Debit, and ATM cards have daily transaction and spend limits in order to minimize exposure to fraud. Limits are set for the maximum dollar "$" of daily spend and the maximum number "#" of daily transactions available for Point-of-Sale, ACH, and Internet purchases. Contact SECU staff for the specific value of these limits. 

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