SECU is committed to protecting your personal data as well as your money. We use a variety of fraud prevention tools to pinpoint and analyze suspicious activity. This helps us detect and prevent fraud and reassure you that your personal and financial information as well as your money is just as secure online as it is at one of our branch offices.

Key Resources

Credit and Debit Cards VISA Program

  • Real-Time eNfact (Falcon) neural network for fraud detection and prevention.

  • Card activation - Card cannot be activated without personal identification.

  • Online shopping password (Verified-by-Visa).

  • CVV and card expiration.

  • Lost or Stolen reporting service (7/24/365).

  • Travel Alert - Status (MEMO) your account for Out-of-Pattern/Country travel.

  • Zip code and drivers license verification - Required by some merchants.

Internet Banking Net24 Service

  • The Net24 website is designed to protect your information. All transactional pages are protected using secure socket layer (128 Bit SSL) encryption to ensure that all communications are secure. HTTPS in the web address or URL and the browser lock are indications of a securely encrypted session.

  • Intelligent Authentication (IA), which requires proper response to registration questions (when accessing via a different computer and/or network) - prevents keystroke loggers from accessing your accounts.

  • Last login time stamp.

  • eAlerts - email or cell phone text message notification of account activity (optional).

  • Browser session expiration after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Registration notification via email of record changes.

  • eStatements - provide online access to transaction history for timely research and account verification (optional).
  • User ID and Password character length/complexity requirements (alpha, numeric, upper/lower case, and symbol). Three (5) incorrect Password attempts locks the account, requiring "Forgot My Password" to change your password online.

  • Out-of-Band telephone/SMS security code required to make personal information changes and funds transfers.

  • 2-way secure communications with SECU staff to resolve any account issues or make financial requests (wires, address change, etc.).

  • Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption browser requirements.

SECU Website

  • Utilizes an industry-leading anti-phishing service to discover and take down malicious websites operating with SECU's credentials.

  • All transactional pages are protected using secure socket layer (128 Bit SSL) encryption to ensure that all communications are secure.

  • Host site (Microsoft Azure cloud environment) is managed and maintained by SECU IT personnel.

Member Education

Member Privacy

Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institution: Disclosures

Federally Insured Funds: Just as the FDIC does for banks, the NCUA “National Credit Union Administration” insures a member’s savings up to 250,000. Coverage may be higher if the member has a combination of individual, joint, trust, payable-on-death and other types of accounts. Use the NCUA's Insurance Estimator online to calculate your insurance coverage.

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