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Schlumberger Employees Credit Union Security Education

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union urges our members to be vigilent in the protection and security of their accounts. SECU will never ask for Personally Identifiable Information via non-secure email or Skype. Similarly, you should not provide such information via non-secure email or Skype. SECU will only exchange such information with you via Net24 secure mail or telephone after positively verifying your identity. Fraudsters are always searching for new ways to take advantage and steal account information. That's why we've compiled this list of common scams and fraud tips to help YOU stay safe.

Protect Your Net24 Online Banking Password

Your Net24 Online Banking Username and Password are the keys to accessing your accounts. NEVER share your log in information or write it down where it can be accessed. Our Online Banking Vendor, Fiserv, requires you to access your accounts every 90 days and to update your password every 365 days. This is the highest security measure in account protection for your benefit. If you log into your accounts from a new device, you may be asked to answer your online security questions before entering your ID and password.

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union will NEVER ask you for your password outside of our Net24 Online Banking Portal. Should you need assistance resetting your password, our Member Service Representatives may ask some personal information to verify your identity.

Be aware of Phising attempts to steal your Net24 Online Banking credentials. Phishing attempts may include emails or phone calls that attempt to collect information from you. Do not click on any links or divulge your information if you are unsure. Click here to read more about Phishing and Phishing Sites from the U.S. Cyber and Infrastructure.

Protect Yourself: Online Resources

SECU has compiled a list of online resources, including videos and exercises, to stay vigilant. Explore the links below to learn more.

Lost or Stolen ID: What To Do

If your identity has been compromised, take action immediately.

  1. Call Card Security and have them block your SECU Visa Credit/Debit Cards.
  2. Contact SECU and have us change any affected account numbers.
  3. Place a Fraud Alert on your Credit Reports by contacting all three credit bureaus. Equifax: 800-525-6285; Experian: 888-397-3742; TransUnion: 800-680-7289
  4. File a Police Report in the jurisdiction where your cards/identity were stolen. This proves to credit providers you are diligent and is the first step towards investigation.
  5. Continue to monitor your credit card acounts and credit record.

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