Net24 Online Banking

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union Net24 Online Banking

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union Members can access their accounts 24/7/365 with Net24 Online Banking.

Enrolling is easy. If you're a new member, you'll be automatically enrolled. Your Member Service Representative will send you information to set up your username, password, and security questions. Keep this information private, and remember you'll have to create a new password every 365 days. We also advise logging in every 90 days to keep your account active.

Check out our Net24 Online Banking online video tutorial.

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Net24 Online Banking Features

  • Trends: Your personal finance manager. Get a complete picture of your finances with this easy-to-use, built-in tool.
  • Internal and External Transfers (A2A): Available for moving funds between member-owned SECU accounts (internal) and member-owned accounts at other US financial institutions (external)
  • Net24 Mobile Banking Access: See our Net24 Mobile Banking page for details. Limited to U.S. cell numbers.
  • Secure Messaging Center: Send account-related messages securely with 2-way Mail Communications (Email alerts with Mail response)
  • eAlerts: Receive email or text messages for changing account conditions
  • Bill Pay: Pay bills online easily, from utility providers to insurance coverage to cell phone companies (and more). Includes overnight payment delivery option (limited set of vendors) and Mobile payments.
  • Popmoney (P2P): Pay people easily. Includes next day delivery option.
  • Wires: domestic and international FX service.
  • "After Hours" support (281-285-4551, Options: 2, 5, 2)
  • Check Re-orders
  • Settings preferences: Update your address, email,and phone number anytime.
  • Stop payment
  • And more!

Logging In To Your Net24 Online Banking

Your Net24 password expires every 365 days. This is a security measure set by our online banking vendor, Fiserv, to protect our members from fraudsters. Members can reset their password online 24/7. Click the "Forgot Password" option underneath the Net24 log in and enter your username. A verification code will be sent to your cell phone. If you log in from a new computer or device, you may be prompted to answer your security questions.

I forgot my password.

To self-service, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "Forgot Password" underneath the Net24 Online Banking portal.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. If the cell phone number showing belongs to you, use the texted code to verify and create a new password.
  4. If the cell phone number showing is incorrect, email us at or call us at (281) 285-4551. We will help you update your password and change your verification method to Security Q&A.

Still having trouble?

If you can't remember your username, security answers, or if you're still having trouble with your password, contact us. During our hours of operation, a Member Service Representative can help you over the phone (US: 281-285-4551; Toll Free: 800-272-7328. Press 2 for Member Services, Press 5 for Electronic Services, Press 1 for Net24 assistance during normal business hours) or you can email us at

You can reach our help desk outside of business hours for help to reset your password (US: 281-285-4551; Toll Free: 800-272-7328. Press 2 for Member Services, Press 5 for Electronic Services, Press 2 for Net24 assistance outside of normal business hours).

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