Fee Schedule

Fee Type

Fee Cost

Account balancing assistance $25.00 per hour (half-hour minimum)
Account closure within 180 days of opening $25.00
Account research $25.00 per hour (half-hour minimum)
Bad address fee $5.00 per quarter
Card reissue (member request) $10.00 each plus delivery fees
Cash advance fee (card) $1.00
Cashiers check $3.00 each
Check by phone fee $10.00 each
Check copy $2.00 each
Express mail fee $25.00 minimum
External transfer (A2A) standard $5.00 each (outgoing), $0.00 each (incoming)
Foreign collection item $25.00 each
Internal transfer $5.00 each
Late payment fee for credit card (after 10 days) 5% of minimum payment due, up to $27.00
Late payment fee (after 10 days) 5% of minimum payment due, up to $35.00
Legal fees $25.00 plus any fees incurred by SECU
Loan app fee (after 3 declines in 12 mos) $20.00
Minimum Balance Fee $4.00 per month
Money order $1.00 each
NSF items (Check, ACH, Debit) $25.00 each
Overdraft protection $3.00 per overdraft in excess of 3 per month
Paper statement fee (Domestic) $3.00 per statement
Paper statement fee (International) $5.00 per statement
PopMoney transfer next day $0.85 each
PopMoney transfer standard $0.50 each
Refinance/modification of SECU loan $100.00 each
Replacement Release of Lien fee $25.00 each
Rush fee for card $25.00 each plus delivery fee
Short term loan fee $50.00 each
Statement copies $2.00 per page
Stop payment $25.00 each
Teller check $1.00 each
Temporary check $0.25 each
Wire: External transfer (A2A) next day $10.00 each
Wire: Incoming wire transfer $5.00 each
Wire: Outgoing domestic wire transfer $25.00 each
Wire: Outgoing international FX wire transfer $45.00 each
Wire: Outgoing international USD$ wire transfer $55.00 each

The fees listed here may be assessed against your account. Last update: (October 4, 2018)

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