Auto Buyer's Information

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union Auto Buyer's Information

Buying a car can be one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make. Schlumberger Employees Credit Union offers more than just Auto Loans to members; we have a lot of great tools to help you shop for new or used cars, protect your purchase, and more.

SECU Auto Buyer's Workshops

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union offers FREE Auto Buyer's Workshops to Schlumberger employees and their family members; you do not have to be a SECU member to attend. Our workshops are hosted in-house and online via live-streamed webinar, and cover everything you'd want to know about shopping for a new car. From understanding the process, to negotiating your best deal and trade-in, to financing and after-market options, the Auto Buyer's Workshop will help you confidently make your next purchase. RSVP below to access the webinar link.

Webinar and in-person attendees are eligible for a $200 credit towards the purchase of Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP, with a SECU Auto Loan. Loan must be taken out within 90-days of the attended workshop date (registration and attendance will be confirmed). To qualify, the loan must be on a 2015 or newer vehicle.

Register for an Auto Buyer's Workshop below and secure your spot. The workshop is available in person at our main branch, or online via live-streamed webinar.

Auto Buyer's Workshop Schedule

Date Time RSVP (Online Only Until Futher Notice)
December 7, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm Click Here
February 8, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm Click Here
April 12, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm Click Here

Click on each tab below to expand for more information on learning about the car-buying process, shopping for your new car with great discounts, financing your new car with a SECU Auto Loan, and more.

Schlumberger Employee Discounts

Schlumberger offers varying employee discounts (by location and dealership). Current Schlumberger employees can contact their local HR or Facilities Manager to find out about local offerings.

Chrysler Affiliates includes Schlumberger Employees/Retirees Affiliate Preferred Pricing for eligible vehicles (onine or call 888-444-4321). Schlumberger Limited Code: F16742

Ford Partner Plan includes Schlumberger Employees Partner Discount for eligible vehicles. Input Pass Code: XC018

GM Supplier Discount for GM vehicles. In addition to the Company Code and Personal Authorization Number (recieved via the Internet), you will be required to show a form of employment verification when working with a participating dealership. Input Company Code: 184414.

Other Resources

Looking to shop on your own? There are many online resources available to you to shop prices on new and used cars. You can even value your trade-in!

SECU Offers Great Loan Rates

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union offers Auto Loans to qualifying SECU members with competitive rates and flexible terms up to 84 months. Remember, our loan officers can help you pre-qualify for your loan before you visit the dealer. Accepting SECU's great rate can allow you to take advantage of cash-back incentives from the dealer and manufacturer, which you forfeit when you accept the dealers low loan rate. Dealers may try to lump your total purchase, trade-in, and financing all together to get you a target number. Don't be fooled! Negotiating each transaction separately can help save you some money. Having your SECU pre-qualified loan rate will help you know what you can work with. Use our online Dealer Financing vs. Credit Union Financing Calculator to see how much you can save by accepting cash-back incentives AND SECU's low loan rate.

Click here to view Schlumberger Employees Credit Union's latest auto loan rates.

Online Loan Calculators

Use our online Loan Calculators to compare Loan Rates and estimate your monthly payment before you make a purchase. Estimate your monthly Auto Loan Payments, compare Dealer Financing vs. Credit Union Financing, or see how much you could save with a SECU Auto Loan Refinance.

Understanding Your Credit Score

Your credit score will affect your loan rate, so it's a good idea to know what your credit score is before you go. Free online resources, like can help you better understand what makes up a credit score, and how your auto loan rate will be affected.

Having a SECU Loan Officer prequalify you can help you know what your rate is before you shop. SECU Members can click here to fill out an Auto Loan Applicatoin to

Refinance Your Current Auto Loan with SECU and Save Big

SECU's Current Refinance Specials: Auto/Specialty Discounts: 2% off for up to 48-months, 1.5% off for 49-60 months, 1% off for 61-84 months, but not to exceed remaining loan term (floor rate is 2.99% APR, must provide proof statement with competitor rate, and members must qualify).

Take advantage of SECU's Refinance Special and save big! We'll reduce your current loan rate by up to 2% APR (not to exceed our floor rate, see loan rates for lates floor rate). If your credit score qualifies you for one of our lower posted rates, we'll reduce you to your qualifying rate. Members must qualify.

Use our Online Auto Refinance Savings Calculator to see how much you could save by refinancing with SECU!

Caclulate Your Savings

Use our online Loan Calculators to see how much you could save with a SECU Auto Loan Refinance.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

SECU offers GAP coverage to bridge the gap between the value of your vehicle in event of a total loss and what you owe. GAP is not just limited to cars; if you're financing a motorcycle, RV, new or used car, you can get GAP! GAP pays the difference when you need it the most. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered or totaled in an accident, GAP covers what you owe on your vehicle and what your insurance pays during a loss of the collateral.

Click here to read our online brochure on Guaranteed Asset Protection.

Members can receive a $200 credit towards the purchase of GAP on a 2015 or newer vehicle by attending an Auto Buyer's Workshop and financing within 90 days of the attended workshop. Attendees MUST sign in/log on to receive the discount.

Mechanical Repair Coverage

Whether you depend on your vehicle for work or getting your family to school and activities, you need transportation that's safe and reliable. The older your vehicle, the more it takes to keep it in good working order. Not making small repairs can lead to even more expensive repairs. Ignoring repairs can be dangerous.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) can help deflect some of those costly covered repairs while keeping your vehicle running extra miles and extra years. With various coverage levels and deductibles to choose from, there's a plan to fit your family's budget.

Click here to read our online brochure on Mechanical Repair Coverage.

Auto Insurance through TruStage®

SECU offers member discounts on Auto Insurance through TruStage®. You work hard for your money and even harder to keep your budget on track. So why spend too much on car insurance? SECU members could save hundreds of dollars on car insurance through the TruStage® Auto Insurance Program. And it can be easy to switch carriers -- without losing any money.

It can be easy to get a free quote today. Don't wait to see how much you could save. Call 1-855-483-2149 to find out.

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