SECU's ABA/ACH Routing Number


Use the following information for setting up ACH (Automatic Clearing House)/Direct Deposits with SECU accounts. Account type options: ACH Debits (checking only) or Credits/Direct Deposits (savings, checking, and loans). 

  • SECU ABA/ACH Routing Number (We do not use the SWIFT system): 313084564

  • Members Name: First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name

  • Institution Name: Schlumberger Employees Credit Union.

  • Institution Payments Address: PO BOX 1349, Sugar Land, Texas 77487-1349

  • Account Number: Format requires 9 or 10 digits for savings/checking, or account number-suffix for loans.

  • Incoming Wires: (International) Use your correspondent bank SWIFT code with further credit to SECU routing number and final beneficiary (Member name and SECU account number). (Domestic) Use SECU's ABA/ACH Routing Number and your new SECU account number.

Account Number

Savings: requires 9-digits (may require up to 3 leading zeros to make 9 digits total).

Checking: requires 10-digits (may require up to 2 leading zeros to make 10 digits total). The ninth and tenth digits determine the type of checking account (if a -90 suffix checking account, then the ninth and tenth digits are 90). If the MICR on your checks reflects the old style (3 leading zeros and only including the '0' part of the suffix, leaving off the '9'), you may use either format successfully.

Checking Account Examples: For member # 123456, use 0012345690 for routing money to/from your suffix 90 checking or use 000123456 for routing to your primary savings. For secondary account #21234567, use 2123456790 for routing money to/from your suffix 90 checking or use 021234567 for routing to your primary savings.

Note: ACH from savings allows deposits (to) but not withdrawals (from). So if you want a merchant to debit your account, you must set the withdrawal (from) your checking. Make sure to review the Electronic Funds section of the Membership Agreement Disclosure document.

Note: When setting up Electronic "ACH" Payments to SECU, type in Schlumberger, then from the three options (Savings, Checking, or Loans) select Loans, enter the account format (examples above) and use either the ZIP code from our PO BOX 1349, Sugar Land, TX 77487-1349 payments accress, or the ZIP code from our physical correspondence address: 205 Industrial Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77478-3168

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